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Mike Wellman celebrated his 25th year of comic book retailing by launching The Atomic Basement Comics and Creator Lab with longtime friend and now, business partner, Anthony Davies.


Prior to comic retailing, Wellman has served as a window washer, paperboy deliverer, janitor at a news stand, video store clerk and arcade attendant. This is his final stand!


In addition to comic book retail, Mike has served as a comic book writer and publisher. His most recent book, Guns A’ Blazin’! has seen him and his pal, artist and co-creator Rafael Navarro around the world, as guests from LA to Chicago to the Philippines!


Other creator owned works include Mac Afro and Gone South. He’s also performed writing duties on Star Trek, World of Warcraft, Battlestar Galactica, Cyborg 009 and many other titles.


Mike has taken his experience in the comic book industry and regularly gives back to the community, volunteering at libraries, schools and universities in the greater Los Angeles area. In 2018, he served as an interim advisor at OTIS College of Art and Design.


He fancies himself a chef and loves to cook for friends and loved ones. And he has a dangerous record collecting habit, hence the move to Long Beach, one block away from fingerprints records!


Pray for him!


Anthony "Tony" Davies hails from Manchester, England but currently hangs his utility belt in Redondo Beach.


Father, Husband, Friend and Family Man, Tony is known to get involved in many pioneering endeavors, from Vegetarian Festival catering business Blue Moon that served the legendary Glastonbury Festival in the UK to Verity Baths, which serves the bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs of Southern California.


His entrepreneurial nature is shared with the other members of his family, wife Rahni, who runs South Bay Hypnosis specialising in pediatric hypnotherapy, and his son, Kaleb, whose band The 131ers and West Bestern regularly tours the country.


The Atomic Basement Comics and Creator Lab is his latest adventure, with Mike Wellman, often talked about since meeting on the set of a public access show, Comic Book Geeks, in the early 2000's.


As the saying goes "it's about time!"